Moving can be a stressful time period. Between packing all your stuff up at your old house  to arriving to your new house and unpacking everything, the process can be a little daunting. By planning and organizing before the big day, you can make your move a little easier. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your big move. 

Stop Procrastinating 

Though you might be looking at a mountain of boxes and thinking about the daunting task ahead, there’s something to be said for simply getting started. The best way to make sure that you don’t suffer from “I’ll do it tomorrow” syndrome or analysis paralysis is to simply get started by packing a few boxes every day. 

You might want to consider beginning with the items that are the least essential in terms of your daily routine. The reason is that doing so will enable you to get the move underway, and you’ll retain access to the items that you really need. You don’t want to pack the next week’s worth of clothes if you actually need to wear them before the move.

Stay Organized 

A good idea when moving is to go from room to room and start putting your stuff into boxes starting with the least essential items. From there, you really should consider focusing on one room at a time so that you’ll have everything from one room in one set of boxes. You’ll also get a feeling of accomplishment from seeing an entire room cleared out and ready for moving day. 

As you go from room to room, you could start labeling boxes so that you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with when the time comes to unpack everything at your new location. Consider storing smaller knickknacks together so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle among larger items. Brightly colored tissue paper could also be wrapped around more valuable knick knacks so that they don’t get accidentally discarded later. 

Use Moving Boxes 

Bankers boxes are considered the gold standard when it comes to storing or moving your items. The reason is that these boxes are extremely sturdy for their size, and their uniform size makes them ideal for stacking one on top of another. Bankers boxes don’t require any assembly and the tops make them ideal for stacking. 

Get a Portable Storage Container 

Especially if you’re considering a cross-country move, renting a portable storage container can make moving much simpler. You can get the exact size that you’ll need for your move delivered to your home and protect all of your valuable belongings. 

Pack Intelligently 

There are a few simple rules that everybody needs to follow when using moving boxes. First, make sure that you’re neither underpacking nor overpacking each box and that you’re using the correct kind of box. Second, and this may be counterintuitive advice to some, pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. 

Putting light yet big items like pillows and blankets in larger boxes utilizes all of the available space and ensures that you’re not making the big boxes too heavy to actually carry down flights of stairs. What’s more, putting small yet heavy items like bookends in smaller boxes keeps everything nice and tight and guarantees that you can make the move without strain or injury. 

Consider Decluttering Pre-move 

Letting go of things that you’ve accumulated over the years can be extremely liberating. As an added bonus, you’ll make your move that much easier by donating some of your old clothes or deciding to sell larger pieces of furniture. There’s bound to be someone in your area who would really benefit from a television stand or dresser, and your giving away an item like this will certainly make your move easier. 

Donating a few bulky desktop computers to needy schools is also an option worth considering. You can have your hard drive safely scrubbed and get your computer in the hands of kids who could benefit from the added resource. Donating or recycling your items that you no longer need will not only help out your community, but will also save you time and energy during your move. 

Take Pictures 

Taking pictures of furniture before you disassemble it and put it back together at your new location can save you a lot of headaches. A picture only takes a few seconds to take on a smartphone. Likewise, snapping a few pictures of the back of your television and various electronics to see how they’re hooked up can reduce guesswork. Moving, after all, is part planning and part doing.

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for you and your family. Planning and organizing in advance will save you down the road. 

Author Bio:
Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist. She regularly produces content for a variety of moving blogs.