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  Lake Anna Fishing Report
October 2018

McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Report

Overview – As Lake Anna cools to more seasonal temperatures, anglers can expect to encounter roaming schools of feeding fish throughout the lake. Water temperatures are dropping into the 50s from the mid to low 60s and that means striper, wiper, bass, white perch, crappie, even catfish are schooled up and feeding heavily at times. The key to finding these schools of fish is two-fold: 1) locating the hot zone of baitfish and gamefish and 2) watching birds. Here’s what you can expect for a November visit:

Largemouth Bass
Up lake bass are leaving willow grass lines and beginning to follow schools of threadfin and gizzard shad on their annual down lake migration. Most of the better action is still coming off main lake points early in the morning where bass ambush shad and will take a spinnerbait. Later in the day, the fish move deeper to rock ledges and brush and can be pursued with crankbaits, suspending jerkbaits, even blade baits and fluttered spoons. The fish will return shallow again in the evening for a brief feed on the points. Mid lake bass tend to school in creeks due to clearer water. Using swimbaits, hard and soft plastic swimbaits can be effective when fish and bait are in the area. Keep in mind the schools of bass are moving throughout the day, so if your depth finder shows fish in 28-32 of water at the mouth of a creek where you caught them shallow in the morning, don’t doubt it. If you cannot find any fish, just pitch a shaky head worm to docks in the first third of creeks. Down lake bass fishing is bait dependent. Creeks like Sturgeon, Beaver Pond, Dukes and Rockland often have bass feeding on bait that can be targeted with everything from small crankbaits to swimsuits, jerkbaits to spoons. Docks will hold fish once the water hits 55 down lake later in the year. The Dike 3 region has yet to turn on consistently as the herring are not there.

Striper and Wiper
Good fish is available now for Lake Anna’s striped fish, mostly in the up lake region. The fish have been holding at The Splits, Rose Valley and the State Park Beach area for the past two months, but many are now beginning to migrate up lake toward baitfish coming down lake. Look for the best concentrations from Rose Valley up to around the Harris Bridge (fish should be at the mouth of Duck In Hole but are not yet) in the North Anna side and from the mouth of Plentiful Creek up to the mouth of Terry’s Run in the Pamunkey Branch. Some fish might remain in The Splits region, too. Don’t overlook Contrary Creek either as we approach Thanksgiving and early December. You can also often catch white perch in the same areas when the striper won’t bite. The Capt. Mack’s Super Spoon is deadly on all three and a Crazy Blade is a lot of fun to fish for perch.

Fish are schooled around docks and bridge pilings near the main river channel. Brush piles are good, too, if you can find one that hasn’t been fished too often. Up lake rock piles can hold fish until the water drops below 50. Two-inch jigs on 1/32-oz. jig heads and small minnows on slip bobbers are best.

Lake Anna Fishing Report furnished by McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service


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