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Lake Anna Fishing Report

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Fishing Report
December 2017


McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Report



Guide C.C. McCotter notes most of the action for 2018 has so far been from the The Splits region down to the dam due to the cold and at times, ice. Baitfish have moved into the mid lake region and the seagulls followed.


For largemouth, McCotter suggests you tie on several suspending jerkbaits that run at different depths and start snapping them in the first thirds of creeks like Sturgeon, Boggs and Dukes. Points at the mouths of main lake coves are worth fishing as well.

If the jerkbaits don’t produce, it’s time to use a swimbait or multi-arm rig. Still not getting bit? Slow down with football jigs and shaky head worms and target deeper natural structure like rocks. Vertically jigged spoons can also be good at the mouths of main lake creeks in 30+ feet of water.

Hot zones should be within a half-mile of the power plant, the Duke’s Creek region and the Dike III vicinity.


Striper fishing slowed way down last month as the weather, holidays and fish movements slowed angler efforts. This month you can expect to find schools in front of the 208 marinas up to The Splits region, Sturgeon Creek, Duke’s Creek and Dike III.

This is time to use soft plastic jerkbaits on jig heads and retrieve them along the bottom of long main lake points when you see no sign of fish. When you find stripers on bait in main lake coves/pockets switch over to a hard plastic jerkbait or a multi-arm rig. Vertically jigging a spoon can be excellent when the fish are deep and showing up on your depth finder.


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The fishes in Lake Anna vary considerably.  Click on the photos below for a larger version of the different types of fishes.