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Lake Anna Fishing Report

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Fishing Report

April 2018

McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Report



Cold fronts, rain, and cool weather have kept the fish confused.  They have been moving on and off the beds all month, but with the full moon arriving Sunday the majority of fish that haven’t spawned will start regardless of conditions.   Water temps will increase rapidly as soon as the weather breaks.  Fish are spawning, but many are still fairly deep 8-12’.  They are active and hitting a varity of baits. Both ends seem to be better fishing than the middle. Fish creeks and coves from one end to the other, concentrating on stumps and past spawning areas. Creature type baits around spawning areas will work best.  Yamamoto hula grubs and Senkos along with jigs, spinnerbaits, lizards and crawfish.



Finally, fish are being caught on a more consistant basis. The fish are moving down from the upper end and can be caught from the splits and up.  Many anglers are still fishing the extreme upper end (Terrys Run, Goldmine Creek areas). Sea Shads, Sassy Shads and spoons at varies depths depending on the time of day (mostly 6-12′). There is topwater action on Redfins and Spooks early and late in the day.  Fish can be anywhere and are moving constantly.



Moving into very shallow water, however, many are still deeper than they should be. Big citation fish are being brought in too. Minnows and 2″ grubs on 2-8’ brush piles or bridgepilings. Very soon they will move into water 1-4′ right up against the shoreline.

Water temps in the mid  60’s


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The fishes in Lake Anna vary considerably.  Click on the photos below for a larger version of the different types of fishes.